A fantastic way to introduce improvisation into your individual and group teaching, “In the Gap!” uses original and fun songs that children will love. No specialist knowledge of improvisation is necessary; the book includes clear examples and teaching ideas. All songs come with three backing tracks for demonstration or performance, with suggested activities and notated examples. Both concert and Bb transpositions are included in the book itself. However…


When you buy this product, you also receive a voucher for the Expansion Pack containing:


  • Concert bass clef parts and Eb treble clef transposed parts, for all songs (PDF).
  • A special “For strings” version of the book, consisting of all materials transposed to optimum keys for beginner string players (PDF). 
  • Special “For strings” versions of all the audio backing tracks, transposed likewise (mp3s).


In all, for just £14.99, you have a total package that allows you to use all of “In the Gap!” with virtually any instrument you might have in your class.

"In The Gap" book and CD

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